Golf Placement Services offers two packages for our college placement services. Our Full Service Package is a comprehensive package that gives you the maximum support and guidance through the college recruiting process, and our Developing the Junior Golfer package is a great way to get started. Contact us for pricing and more information on how we can best serve you.

College Placement Program

The full-service package is designed for players who feel they need considerable help and guidance in the process. With this package, prospective student athletes get up to 20 hours of support in the following areas:

A.   Up to two, in person evaluation of student athlete’s playing ability, which may include up to 18 holes of golf, as well as question and answer about the process moving forward. All costs related to such evaluation are at the expense of the student athlete.

B.  Building a list of best-fit schools and facilitating initial coach contact, either by personal recommendation to our network of more than 1000+ coaches or through planned strategies, to lead to official or unofficial visits at schools that are a good fit for the prospective student athlete based on their academic and athletic abilities.

C. Support in making arrangements for unofficial and official visit, including having a Golf Placement Services staff member attend visits with the prospective student athlete.

D. Feedback about tournament scheduling

E. Insights into players long-term development plan, including topics like practice, course strategy and swing mechanics

College Ready          Program

For prospective student athletes who feel confident in the process, but want a resource to discuss strategies and get feedback about:

  1. Feedback in creating a list of schools where the student athlete fits

  2. Feedback about coaches, facilities and best practices during communication, as well as during official and unofficial visits.

  3. Review and edit of materials to be emailed to coaches

  4. Feedback and advice, including best practices in communicating with coaches and making unofficial and official visits

With this package, families are entitled to up to 10 hours of work. All work is done via phone and players are not entitled to any personal introductions to coaches.






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