Golf Placement Services offers two packages for our college placement services. Our Full Service Package is a comprehensive package that gives you the maximum support and guidance through the college recruiting process, and our Developing the Junior Golfer package is a great way to get started. Contact us for pricing and more information on how we can best serve you.

College ready Package

The full-service package provides the player with up to 20 hours of support in the college placement process. We will guide you through the recruiting process and provide support in the following areas:

1.  18-Hole Playing Evaluation,
2.  Copy "College Golf Almanac"; "Tournament Prep Workbook" and Learn, Train and Perform
3.  Search: Golf Placement Services to Find “Best-Fit” Options, including personal introductions by        GPS staff to coaches
4.  Student athlete may use GPS as a reference in speaking to coaches
5.  Discussion About Visits (Goal is Minimum of 3)
6.  Introduction to Decision
7.  Conversations About Visits with Brendan

Developing The Junior Golf          Program

Designed for tournament players between the ages of 11-16, the Developing the Junior Golfer package will help you develop the skills necessary to prepare for tournament golf and begin to prepare for life beyond junior golf. In this package you will receive -

1. Copy of books: "Developing the Junior Golfer" and "Tournament Prep Workbook"                     2. Two 30-minute sessions on Tournament Scheduling                                                                      3. Two 30-minute sessions with Parents of junior golfer about Best Practices in raising a junior golfer 4. Two 30-minute sessions to review and give feedback on junior golfers practice plans                     5. $75 towards training aids of your choice from Eye Line Golf to help in the juniors development





contact us for pricing and more information about how we can serve your college recruiting needs.

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